1.  What type of instruction does Community Christian Preschool offer?

Our goal is to help children develop the skills necessary to succeed in kindergarten. These include social/emotional, motor, language development, and cognitive skills. Skills are addressed through learning games, art, planned activities, thematic units, and play. Below is a typical daily schedule.

 9:00- 9:15       Prayer/weather/calendar/Weekly Theme
 9:15-10:00      Self-selected activities at learning centers
10:00-10:20     Pick up and Snack
10:20-10:30     Quiet self-selected book time
10:30-10:45     Circle time/stories, songs, games, finger plays
10:45-11:00     Outdoor playtime or concentration areas (bad weather)
11:00-11:30      Bible Story, bible truth, and songs, finger plays
The schedule is made to be flexible in order to best meet the specific needs of the children.  Each class has time for large motor development and gym activities as part of their daily schedule.  The children are also taken to music class two days a week.  This is supplemental to the large motor activites and music that is planned in the classroom.
2.  How old must my child be to enroll?
We provide Pre School classes for children ranging in age from 3 – 4.  Pre kindergarten classes are provided for children 4 – 5 years of age.
3.  When do preschool and pre-kindergarten classes begin?
We begin in late August and end the end of May (see school calendar here )  Classes are in session Monday through Friday 9:00-11:30am.
4.  How many children are in each class?
For individual attention and a positive learning atmosphere the class will have no more than:
    • 8 student per teacher for 2 ½ year olds (if accepting enrollment for this age group)
    • 10 students per teacher for 3 year olds
    • 14 students per teacher for 4-5 year olds

5.  What qualifications does the teacher have?

All of our teachers have training in working with young children.  We have teachers with degrees in elementary education, early childhood education and nursing.  All staff continues to take training classes to keep updated in the most current activities and techniques to provide the best learning environment for the children.
6.  What is the cost?
Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten tuition:
  •  Children attending 9:00-11:30am
  • $144.00 per month for 2 days per week
  •  $216.00 per month for 3 days per week

Preschool is paid in nine (9) equal monthly payments beginning the first day of school in the Fall continuing through May.  Tuition is paid the first day of attendance each month.

**Registration fee is $50.00

Day Care fees:
  • Day care INCLUDES the cost of preschool/pre-kindergarten
  • $40.00 per day with a minimum of 2 days enrollment per week.
  • Half-day rates are also available as follows:

$30.00 per day for 6:30-11:30am
$26.00 per day for 9:00-1:00pm (lunch included)
$36.00 per day for 6:30-1:00pm (lunch included)

All fees whether Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten or Day Care are charged for the days registered, whether the child is in attendance or absent.

**A late fee of $10.00 is charged after 1 week of non-payment.

7.  How and when can I register my child?

Registration begins Monday, March 1st for the following summer or fall session.

8.  Who do I contact for more details?
Call Mrs. Debra Allen, Administrator at 330-644-9692.  She will be happy to reply to your inquiries and set up an appointment to tour our facility.  You can also email her anytime at debbieallen@ccpl.life OR preschool@ccpl.life