Community Christian Preschool & Day Care

 2020-2021 Calendar

Aug. 17, 18, 19, 20th    (Mon-Thu)  Orientation (scheduled by class)

Aug. 24-25         (Mon-Tue)  First days of school

Sept. 7               (Mon)  Labor Day   (SCHOOL CLOSED)

Sept.  16-17       (Wed-Thu)  School Pictures

Oct. 2                (Fri)  Frontier Day

Oct. 29-30         (Thu-Fri) Pumpkin Parties

Nov. 23-24          (Mon-Tue)  Thanksgiving Feasts*

Nov. 25-30         (Wed-Mon)  Thanksgiving Break  (SCHOOL CLOSED)

Dec. 10-11           (Thu-Fri)  Christmas Programs*

Dec. 14-15           (Mon-Tue)  Birthday Parties for Jesus



Jan. 4                  (Mon)  First Day back from Christmas Break

Jan.  18               (Mon)  Martin Luther King Day (SCHOOL CLOSED)

Feb. 4-5               (Thu & Fri)  Parent-Teacher Conferences

Feb. 11-12            (Thu-Fri)  Valentine’s Parties

Feb. 15                 (Mon)  President’s Day (SCHOOL CLOSED)

Feb. 22                 (Mon)  Registration begins for Summer & Fall

Mar.  1                 (Mon)  Open Registration

Mar.  1-5             (Mon-Fri)  Right-to-Read week

Mar. 19                (Fri) Special Trip*

Mar. 25-26           (Thu-Fri)  Easter Hat Parades* 11:15

Mar. 29-Apr. 5      (Mon-Mon)  Spring Break (SCHOOL CLOSED)

May 6-7                (Thu & Fri)    End of the Year Programs*
May 19                 (Wed)  Outdoor Fun Day* (Whole school participates)
May 26                 (Wed)  Last Day of School
Summer Camp  June 14th- August 5th, 2021 (Monday-Thursday)